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by Titanic Images | January 1st, 2012

One hundred years after the “unsinkable” ship’s destruction – now is the Titanic sold out again.

Memorial cruise to the site of the fatal collision has attracted over 2000 visitors.

On April 15 next year, it is exactly one hundred years since the Titanic went down. Then the cruise ship MV Balmoral arrive on the scene off Newfoundland where the ship sank in the waves.

The cruise sold out in just a few weeks, and interest has been so great that the organizers brought in a second vessel, which will travel the reverse route New York to Southampton, to meet the MS Balmoral at the crash site for a memorial ceremony, writes the Independent.

The cruise, despite prices of up to 43 000 per berth, also quickly sold out.

In total, more than 2000 passengers to be on board the cruises.

Board will serve the same menu as the Atlantic Passengers were offered on board the Titanic, including oysters, back steak, and sauteed chicken Lyon. But no iceberg collision is not scheduled.

Among the people who had come over tickets are several relatives of survivors and victims of the sinking of the Titanic. Among others, Philip Littlejohn, grandson of Alexander Littlejohn, Stewardes in the first class, who survived because he pulled one of the lifeboats.

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