Tourism goes to Titanic

by Titanic Images | January 7th, 2011

A company has decided to make Titanic to a tourist attraction , But descendants of the drowned protest
Tourists are now being offered to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking.

And not in any way.

Many travel agents will take their clients down to 3750 m depth by means of mini-submarines.

But only those who are willing to pay more than SEK 400 000.

Modern submarine technology makes it possible to visit the ship for a hundred years ago was considered unsinkable.

As early as the Titanic’s maiden voyage between Southampton and New York, however, was the “unthinkable”.

Titanic went on an iceberg April 15, 1912 and sank within three hours.

1517 passengers and crew followed the ship in the depths of the 2224 who were on board.

The legend of the Titanic has lived ever since – in novels and poems, movies and music. And even more so after the wreck at last found, 1985.

Turns coin of disaster
Kensington Tours is one of several tour operators who next year will capitalize on the great disaster.

The 15-day voyage begins in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the place where rescue boats started from, and Fairview Cemetery where 120 Titanic victims of lies.

Out at sea waiting for seven days starting with a memorial ceremony when the ship reached the position where the Titanic sank.

With the help of a Russian MIR mini submarine then start diving with one master and two passengers aboard each dive.

MIR mini-submarine can dive down to 6090 meters, almost double that of the place on the ocean floor where the Titanic lies.

The trip down to the Titanic lasts two and a half hours and then waiting, according to Kensington Tours Description: “On the way between the fore and aft, or vice versa, your MIR to take you out to the field with debris of the Titanic. You will see numerous objects scattered on the bottom of the ocean, where undisturbed for a century. These will not be touched. ”

Not everyone is excited about next year’s planned anniversary expeditions. Descendants of many of those who perished in the disaster have protested. And at various online forums, criticism was tough especially since some of those hooked on the Titanic dives openly discussed a masked board where you should dress in style with the 1912 passengers.

Who will dress up as my wife’s great-grandfather?
A man on the same site replied quickly: Now tell me – who think dressing up as my wife’s great-grandfather?

He ended the post with a comparison with the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center: “A masked at ground zero, complete with partying dressed as firemen, would never happen.”

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